Cover Reveal

I'm skipping ahead several steps this week to the cover design experience in honor of the cover for Becoming His being revealed this last week.

I initially thought the cover design would be an experience I was going to love because I consider myself fairly artistic. However, it began as a very stressful experience for me, and thankfully ended on a wonderful note.

The stress began when I was clueless about where to find a cover designer. I blindly Googled it and started looking over websites looking at hundreds of portfolios and reading reviews. I discovered that there are tons of options: you can buy an already created template, have someone create something for you, buy photos from a photographer, arrange to have a photographer take photos for you that a designer will work with ... the options are really endless.

The stress continued because throughout writing the books, I never had a picture of the cover in my head for the first book, Becoming His. Nothing. I knew that I didn't want people because I enjoy readers using their own imaginations for what the characters look like, but that was about all it.

I spent hours. HOURS, going through stock photos, talking to photographers, reaching out to different designers and each time they'd ask me what I wanted. One day I started browsing through covers and noting the ones I liked. I had 15 covers on my favorite list, 12 of them had been done by Sarah Hansen with Okay Creations. With that list, I knew I had my answer. I contacted her the next morning and contracted all three covers with her.

After that my stress took a nosedive when it came to the cover thankfully. Sarah took my rambling thoughts and created what I didn't even know I wanted and I could not be happier with it.


Here are some important questions to ask a cover designer before you work with them:

- What charges will you incur. Meaning, if they add stock photos are you responsible for paying an additional fee.

- Do they charge by the hour or a flat fee?

- How many changes/edits will they allow? Do they cost extra?

- How long will the process take?


There's a lot more to discuss with the artist you potentially work with, but these are key questions. Remember, cover reveals are often done a couple of months before the book is released, so you need to plan accordingly. With that in mind, a lot of book artists are booked out several months.

Don't be afraid to ask them questions or to request for things to be changed, but remember- if you chose them because you love their work, you need to trust them. Their name's attached to the work as well and they want to make it look the best that it can for both of you.

Sarah is absolutely awesome, if anyone is looking for a cover designer I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Her work is stunning, and she's super easy to work with!


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