Indie Publishing

I wrote Becoming His on my phone. Yes, that's right, on my phone. I actually wrote most of all three books in the His Series on it. My second son was born and my husband and I, being the horrible sleep trainers we are, split up and he stayed upstairs with our toddler while I slept on the couch with our newborn.

Being a newborn, he went to bed at like seven every night and regardless of being told to sleep when your NB sleeps, I had a really hard time with it, so I was up way too much, half alert, shuffling around in my robe with my barnacle baby. While he slept the story of Becoming His came to me. My main characters Max and Ace made it so I couldn't read other books- I'd get distracted with their story while I was doing nearly everything, and started jotting down thoughts in notes on my phone. Eventually I found Google Docs, and started writing the story. 

The story was long, I knew it would have to be at least two books, and then one night at like four in the morning while I was walking my son back to sleep, the last pieces of the story came to me and I knew there were going to be three. I finished book three before book one, and wrote two in-between based on how I was feeling at the time, or what came to me throughout the day. 

Writing has always been fun for me, something I thoroughly enjoy doing, however, the His series was far more therapeutic than any of my previous writings. I laughed out loud, waking my baby up a few times while writing, and cried hard enough it led me to having to walk him as well. 

When I realized I wanted to pursue publishing Becoming His I was full of nerves and excitement about the potential of others reading my story. I started looking up publishing options. Exhausting the lists of pros and cons for both indie and traditional publishing. Obviously, I chose to go with indie publishing because I felt it fit me better. Becoming His is over 100k words, it's a long book. It also became a very personal book for me because it kept me company at all hours of the night and day, and helped me face one of my biggest fears. 

I want to share my journey. Whether you're an aspiring author, pianist, dreamer, mom, reader, blogger, or elephant I would be honored for you to join me on my journey of self-publishing. I'll share with you the trials and tribulations I've faced about finding beta readers, an editor, a cover artist, cover reveals, and everything in-between. 

This all starts with the most important factor- believe in yourself. Make it happen. 

Life is busy. 

Life is crazy. 

Life goes way too fast. 

Don't let anything stand in the way of accomplishing your dreams; if you have to write your story on a cell phone in the middle of the night, or play in a subway station to get an audience, do it. 

Don't stand in the way of your dreams when there are far too many others that will try.