The Weight of Rain

10 months later, I wrote the final words to my fourth manuscript!!!! The Weight of Rain, #TWoR, is releasing at the end of this month and I am so excited for it! It is my first standalone which was both challenging and very rewarding.

After completing Finding Me, I had a very hard time committing to another book. I wanted to write more books for the supporting characters of the His Series, and still fully intend to, but these new characters were stalking my thoughts, and I knew they weren't going away until I got their story out on paper.

It was a long journey to complete this book. I wanted it to live up to the first three books, and have this book and these characters mean just as much to me as Ace and Max, and I can say without hesitation that I am just as deeply in love with these characters!! 

I'm trying to become a more organized person, and hope to update the blog more frequently because this next year has so many exciting things including several book signings that I will be traveling for, a Christmas novella that is releasing November 2, two days after The Weight of Rain, and so much more!