Intro to The Effects of Falling

When I published The Weight of Rain, I was anticipating it being my first standalone novel--something I was both excited and scared about. One of the most important things to me as a writer is character development and obviously with writing three books about the same characters as I had with the first few books of the His Series, I was allowed to build their personalities slowly and at a pace I felt was natural. Trying to fit everything into a single novel was a struggle for me, but one that I enjoyed immensely as I fell deeply in love with Lo. She will always be one of my favorite characters! I hit publish on October 27th, and basked in the excitement of completing my fifth publication for about a day before I began diving into new projects I was anticipating working on. Suddenly, I was receiving emails and messages from people reading The Weight of Rain, asking me what happened to some of the supporting cast. This is a huge compliment--one of the highest for me personally, because I want readers to love all the characters, not just one or two. BUT... I didn't have a story for the supporting characters. My mind had already moved forward and onto new plots and adventures. Then a few emails and messages turned into a few more, and a few more, and then a lot more, and with each request, they started taking up more real estate in my thoughts and I found myself working on a duology to The Weight of Rain after I so proudly announced  The Weight of Rain would be a standalone.

It was a really great experience to write this novel because it's always fun to continue writing about characters you love, and these ones will always stay with me. This book is essentially another standalone, though it is a duology. You can read The Weight of Rain and be introduced to Summer, and meet Lo and experience the ride she took, or you can pick up The Effects of Falling on August 02, and be introduced to Summer as she learns a very important lesson about loving oneself. 

I hope you guys are as excited for this project as I am, because I feel like I have broken every rule with writing it! From going outside of my traditional NA genre into contemporary romance,  to changing the entire process of the cover, to not setting out to writing this book and discovering a story that I feel so passionate about.