Judging a Book by its Cover

Many don't know that I'm an art enthusiast, but art is something I have loved for nearly as long as I have writing and reading. It makes sense, after all, books are art. My addiction began like many kids: coloring. I would spend hours upon hours bringing images to "life" in both regular run of the mill coloring books, and pleaded and begged my parents for those fuzzy art pictures where I colored between the faux black velvet... yeah, you remember those, right? Later, I began tracing in attempt to teach myself how to draw. When my love for art grew, my parents signed me up for a few different classes so I could learn more of the basics. We never had much money, so the classes were always minimal, but something I dearly loved and was earnest to learn from.

As an adult I don't do as much art as I'd like, and sometimes  is in the form of cooking dinner, rearranging furniture, or managing to dress my children that sometimes refuse to wear anything but pajamas (they are my children)--but one of my highlights for each book is getting to help choose the cover design. It's a process that exhausts me and stresses me out nearly as much as concluding a book, but it's also one of the most exciting and rewarding.  Selecting what will represent the story with a single still image, and not reveal too much is something I begin considering from the point of conception of a novel. I spend hours upon hours scouring images online searching for inspiration, and more of them trying to translate my many thoughts into words for my cover designers.

When I first began the process of Indie Publishing, I did my homework and looked through hundreds...likely thousands... of covers both online and in bookstores, searching for my favorite covers, what they had in common, and who designed them.

I am very proud of all of my covers, making it very difficult to choose a favorite. The cover of Losing Her will always be very dear to me, as it is exactly what I had imagined while I was writing the story, and seeing it come to life was an amazing experience. The cover of The Weight of Rain is another favorite. Hang Le who designed it, has such a talent with light and detail that there were very few changes to be made from the original draft she sent me.

This next cover for The Effects of Falling is already becoming one of my favorites. I took a risk with it, and I am so extremely excited about it. I don't often think it's good to judge a book by its cover, hell, I don't even judge books by their synopses...because I rarely read them--but I hope you all judge this book by its cover, because it is PHENOMENAL