New Book, Oh My!

These past few weeks have been chaos, which can only mean one thing: a release is coming!!!

My next release is titled Curveball, and it will be live on May 18th!

This book came as a bit of a surprise to me. Initially, these characters first came to me while I was working on The Weight of Rain, in very brief scenes that constantly left me distracted, waiting to learn more about them. They were intelligent, witty, dedicated, and they had great banter! Over the past couple of years I've been working on it in small amounts, but as most of you know I was also preparing to move across country and finishing The Effects of Falling.

Another book was lined up to be completed, but this book demanded to be told. I fell in love with these characters and while it sounds a bit like a sports Rom Com, it's not. I know! I know! I have this background in marketing of all things, and then create complete and utter confusion with a title like that! I think when you read the synopsis you'll get an understanding, but this book is definitely a Contemporary Romance and is also my first full-length novel that is told in dual POV. I haven't done male POV since Losing Her with Max, and these two guys are so very different that it was an adventure stepping into his mind.

This book began as a Rom-Com. She was supposed to get over her ex with online dates, and she's a single mom, and motherhood is always good for some laughter, and while this book has lots of hilarious moments and hysterical dialogue, this book is packed with emotion. It's going to make you feel quite literally the full gauntlet of emotions!

I'm truly thrilled to release this book because I love it so so so much, and I truly can't wait for everyone to meet these guys and  fall in love with them too! You can go read the first three chapters of this book, they're posted under "Projects and Special Announcements!" There you can also sign up to read and review an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of Curveball, as well as add it to your TBR! Click Here to read the first three chapters of Curveball!

I'll be returning to writing additional posts regarding publishing soon. After all, I always learn and re-learn new things when going through this again myself!